Venezuela is in South America. It is 352144 square miles. 29 million people live in Venezuela. It is the 29th most populous country overall in the world. The president of Venezuela is Hugo Chavez. The government is a democracy, with a congress. In Venezuela one USD is worth 4.3 VEF (the Venezuelan currency). The average annual income by is $11,200. While this may not seem like lot of money, it is much more than many other countries in South America and the world.
One of the leading industries in Venezuela is the oil companies. Venezuela's oil companies are ranked 5th largest in the world. Another leading business in Venezuela is Mendoza Foundation. The Mendoza Foundation was started by a man name Eugenio Mendoza and it was a small business that grew in the 1900's. The Mendoza Foundation "encompasses everything from cement, construction, manufacturing, heavy machinery, paint, paper mills, animal feed, banking, and insurance to ownership of General Motors of Venezuela." When Mendoza died his children took over the business and it is still going on and huge in Venezuela. One of the richest men in Venezuela, Lorenzo Mendoza, is running a very profitable beer company even though beer is not a big part of Venezuela's economy.
Today, most Venezuelans are Roman Catholic, but there are some Jews and Protestants. "The original inhabitants of Venezuela were Amerindians, predominantly Caribs and Arawaks. The majority (about 68%) of the present population is mestizo (mixed race). Approximately 21% are European, primarily Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German. Blacks account for an estimated 8–10%, and Amerindians for about 2%. Arab peoples are also represented in the overall populace."

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caracas tourism

The biggest tourist attraction in Venezuela is Caracas. It is a high pace city and has modern architecture. The are shops, malls, parks, museums, and bars. This is the great thing about Caracas it has everything you need and it is all close. There are many fun activities to do in Venezuela. You can go hiking in one of their 40 national parks and 20 nature reserves. Rock climbing and trail walks through the jungle are available. An extremely popular activity in Venezuela is taking a water based ferry that provides access to islands. The white sandy beaches attract surfers, swimmers, divers, and snorkelers. Wake boarding is a big thing in Venezuela. There are many beautiful spots where you can wake board too. In most spots the water is warm to so you do not have to wear big wet suits. In Merida there is a gondola that you can take for great views of the Andes mountains.

When you are in Venezuela the first thing I recommend you do in your one day visit is to go to Angel Falls in Canaima National Park. It is really beautiful. Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world. The next thing I would recommend you do in your one day visit is to visit Merida and take the gondola up to the Andes mountains. At the top, you will find great views and you will have the option of going to some of the small villages in the mountains or go on hikes in the Andes. Next, I would recommend going to the wonderful beaches. The beaches are beautiful and have white sand. The water is warm enough that you do not have to wear wet suits like you do at a lot of beaches in Northern California. For your final stop you should visit Caracas and take a walking tour of the City and go to the malls and shop. End your day back at your beautiful hotel Eurobuilding Hotel & Suites Caracas which offers a spa, outdoor pool, and a gym. Your stay in Venezuela will be the best vacation you will ever have.