Population: The population of Coumbia is 44,205,293. The official launguage is Spanish. The ethnic/racial make up is: Mestizo 58%, white 20%, Mulatto 14%, and Black 4%. The largest city and capital is Santaofe de Bogota'.


Economy: Colombia has the 4th largest economy in South America. The currency is the Columbian Peso (one American dollar=1,916 Columbian pesos.)
The main industries and exports are: Exports: petroleum, coffee, industries: textiles, petroleum, and food processing.
Religion: The most common religion of Columbia is Roman Catholic which is 90% of the country. Despite that colombia still encourages freedom of all ways.


Government: Colombia is known for being a liberal and constitutional government. The Columbian government is a republic. The current leader of the Republic is Juan Manuel Santos from the social party of national unity.


Tourist Attractions: Some favorite tourist spots are these festivals: Cali's fair and the Bogota summer festival. Colombia also has a golf course considered to be the best one on Latin-America. Also in Colombia a favorite food are empanadas, which are essentially stuffed pastries.

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A famous person: Shakira, a famous singer was born Barranquilla. she is now recognized as of the best singers world wide.

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Geography: The famous andes mountains pass through Colombia. Colombia boarders the Pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea. The Amazon rain forrest is also in colombia. Colombia's neighboring countries are: Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador. Colombia happens to part of the Ring of Fire,
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History: Early spanyards settled on the coast of Colombia in about the 1500's. They didn't permantly settle until 1529. It was originally inhabited by the indigenous people: Muisca, Quimbaya, and Tairona.

Music: Here is a traditional Columbian song.

What to do in Colombia: When you wake up to your great view of the pacific ocean then head off to Bogota, the exciting, rich with culture capital. ounce you get there you will have a cup of delicious colombian coffe and perhaps a side of tropical fruits such as magos and guavas. After breakfast you go to one of the several beautiful breath taking churches. after that you're probably ready to hit the beach, so come take a dip in the pacific ocean. for lunch have either a plate of empanadas or a bowl of Ajiaco, accompanied by a cold glass of Aguardiente for the adults and for the children a refreshing cup of Salpic├│n. After that it's time to suit up and go golfing. on of the fine top notch golf courses colombia has to offer. After lunch take a walk or boat ride in the amazon river/forrest to see the amazing animals nature has to offer. while your'e sight seeing you go to the Andes mountain range and take pictures of the amazing sight. Then come back to your hotel and enjoy a authentic delicious tamale.

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