By Gabriel Gartland

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Argentina is one of the largest countries in South America, second after Brazil. Argentina is settled between the Alps in the west and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. The earliest evidence of humans in Argentina dates back to 11,000 BC and was found in Patagonia. The Inca invaded and conquered present-day north-western Argentina in 1480. European explorers arrived in 1516. Spain soon conquered Argentina. Spains first settlement in modern Argentina was the Fort of Sancti Spiritu established in 1527. Soon after, in 1536, Buenos Aires was established. It was destroyed by natives, but the city was established again in 1580. It got its independence July 9th, 1816.

Argentina has a population of about 41 million people. The majority of the population is European(97%), which are mostly of Spanish or Italian descent and mestizo, Amerindian and other non-white groups(3%). The main language is Spanish.

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The currency in Argentina is called the Argentina Peso, and 1 Peso is equal to 25 cents. The GDP of Argentina is $306 billion per a year, and the per capita income is $7,472 per person per year. The GDP growth per year is 0.9% per year.

Average Argantine

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The population has a growth rate of 1.053% a year. The life expectancy is 76.7 years. People must go to school until the age of 18, and 97% of the adult population is literate. The main religions are Roman Catholic (92%), then Protestant (2%), Jewish (1%), and other (5%). The work force is made up of industry and commerce (35%), agriculture (10%), and services (55%).


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The current President is Cristina Fernadez de Kirchner, who was sworn in on 10 December 2007. She is the 55th President of Argentina and the widow of former President Néstor Kirchner. She is now 58 years old, born on February 19, 1953. She was inaugurated on December 10, 2007. She was preceeded by her husband, Nestor Kirchner, who died of hear failure in 2010.


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The name Argentina derives from the Latin word argentum, meaning silver. The first uses of the name Argentina can be traced back to the fist voyages made by the Spanish and Portuguese conquerors in the first years of the 16th century.


Argentina has many fine delicacies, and the one I picked is one of the best. Dulce de Leche can be found in any dessert since it's so rich and smooth, so it can be found in pastries, on ice cream, on waffles for breakfast, or in between layers of a cake.

- 4 cups of milk
- 2 cups of sugar
- 1 teaspoon baking soda
- 1 tablespoon vanilla extract

First, bring the milk to a boil in a heavy bottom sauce pan. Add all the other
ingredients, and be sure to stir the sugar with a whisk until it has completely dissolved. Cook on medium-low until it turns into caramel, which will take about 2-3 hours. It should have by then a rich tan or a brown color and a smooth texture when done. Consistency is amatter of taste- just test it by spooning some onto the center of a plate. Once it stays without running and making a puddle, then it's ready.
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There are so many exciting things that you can do in Argentina. The main activities are skiing on the Andes, hiking up the great mountains and horseback riding in the lower plains, but you can also go sightseeing all over this amazing country.
Buenos Aires Coast
Buenos Aires Coast
Buenos Aires has a beautiful coast line, making it a hot-spot during the summer. The Iguaza Falls are also a must see, being taller than the Niagara Falls, it spreads for nearly two miles in a horseshoe shape on the Iguaza River, which runs right next to the Brazilian border.

2 Day Itinerary

Day 1:
Once you arrive in Buenos Aires, rent a car from the airport. If you are hungry, go down to the stores in Buenos Aires. Most of them will have fine food, so it will be easy to pick one. If you are not hungry, you can just get on your way to El Ombu de Areco. To get directions, press on this link: Once you're at the ranch, put your luggage in your room(s), and head out to the instructors. After your learning, you will eat a fine meal cooked by the people at the ranch, including asado ( Argentine barbeque).

Day 2: After breakfast, head back to Buenos Aires. There, you can relax at the beach or walk along the Avendi de Mayo and check out the stores. At night fall, head to the tango festival, where you can watch or dance with a partner. Either way, this is a must see event. Now, spend the rest of your holiday in delight and participate in even more once in a lifetime experiences. We hope you enjoy your stay in Argentina!


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